It is not an easy task to determine that the gemstone bead necklace or jewellery you are wearing is either fake or genuine? It would be really annoying if you would have bought the fake gemstone at the price of the real ones. So, the quality of any gemstone matters a lot to anyone. It just gives you the feeling of being cheated and you will never know until it is too late for you. Usually, people wear it occasionally and chances are you will never come to know. If you search gemstone beads India you will find that India is quite popular in a gemstone. You can find many suppliers if you search gemstones beads suppliers India. If you can test the quality then the Indian market is one of the best places for you to find your perfect gemstone bead jewellery. Jaipur gemstone wholesale market is one of the biggest markets in the world. Gemstone Beads – Genuine or Imitation You can find a lot of tourmaline Beads wholesaler In India. Now let us discuss some important aspects to know that your gemstone bead is authentic – First look with precision It is not an easy task to determine whether the gemstone you are looking for is real or fake as there are very few differences when it comes to appearance. The problem is the price first of all the gemstone bead is very expensive and it’s very difficult to know the authenticity of the gemstone for an amateur. You have to remember that all the imitations are just a copy of the original ones so they look almost similar to the real ones. But if you will look closely then you will find something which only nature can carve. So, if the scaling of design is done artificially then you can see some differences. The natural stone has some flaws as they are made naturally but a man-made item is quite much perfect. Watermelon Tourmaline Smooth Slices BeadsWatermelon Tourmaline Smooth Slices BeadsTest and Research – This is one of the sure-shot methods to determine whether the gemstone beads are real or fake. There is a lot of research about every gemstone and if you had read all that then you would have a considerable amount of knowledge about them. You can test a diamond or pearl on the basis of this research. Apart from these, there is some test, the good thing about tests are they are the best and sure shot ways to determine the real gemstone and they are fully competent. The people who are engrossed in the business of gemstone beads are well versed in all these techniques and can help you identify the real ones and fake ones. You will find a very good imitation of expensive products and for that, you need a test. It is always worth the worry if the gemstone bead is way too expensive. Physical feel – If you have one of the similar gemstones then this method may work for you. You have to feel its overall surface and if it felt like the real one then it’s original otherwise fake. It is not the very best technique but it does work for a lot of people and might come in handy for determining the value of the stone on the basis of its characteristic. Imitations surface has marks or flow lines or is the way too shiny which makes it easier for you to distinguish. If you will weigh them then the real stone will give a slightly heavy feel. If you use a very good balance then you can find the difference clearly. So putting things into perspective will always help you get a clear answer without even test and research. Tourmaline Faceted 8 Bird BeadsTourmaline Faceted 8 Bird Beads Of Fine Making, Cutting, Color & Quality Physical feel may help you determine a lot of things about the gemstone beads but you have to be a careful observer for that. If you are good at observing the details then you may find the devil easily. There will be differences but you have to be a better judge and notice them. Thus, it is recommended that you do a fake test before you buy it if you are not so well versed in the gemstone. It is the best and easy way but if you know a few things then any of the above-mentioned things will be enough for you.