If you are a follower and/or follower of trends (yes, we also like to imagine what the ring of our dream would be), or you just need a little help to know what the model will be with get it right, take good note. These are the 7 trends and innovations in engagement rings that are sweeping this season according to the experts at Diamonds-USA, specialized online jewelry with one of the broadest catalogs and collections in the sector. 1. Solitaire engagement ring. It is the most traditional model among engagement rings. The solitaire returns with all its influence to be in the world top of the trends in ‘engagement ring’, being one of the most popular options to ask for marriage thanks to its timeless design, eternal meaning, variety of options (shaped and carat) of diamond and its affordability, as it is easy to find beautiful solitaire models for a good price. 2. Halo engagement ring. This is one of the most outstanding trends in terms of engagement rings, thanks to its hyper-romantic aesthetic and the halo itself that brings much more light and shine to the final design, and even makes the size of the main gem “bigger”. But what is the halo? They are solitaire type engagement rings, that is, with a central stone (which may well be a diamond or another type of gem), surrounded by a row or ‘halo’ of smaller diamonds. 3. Fine band engagement ring. One of the clear trends in jewelry in recent seasons is jewelry with minimalist lines and simple designs. A trend that is also reflected in very thin band engagement rings, that is, with widths between 1.5 and 1.7 mm. Whether it’s a solitaire ring or inlaid with diamonds on the band itself, the main feature will be minimal metal exposure and discreet design. Of course, being a ‘thin’ or minimal jewel does not detract from the glamor and sophistication of the piece. 4. Vintage engagement ring. Vintage pattern jewelry is always a must-have among brides, for that immortal value of a piece that survives fashion and time; and the symbolic and emotional burden of wearing an antique. This season, the romantic era of the early 20th century is the one that dominates vintage engagement rings, with inspiring designs in the seduction of Belle Epoque and the exuberance of Art Deco. You can buy black diamond and pair it with your vintage ring that is my favorite thing to do. 5. Engagement ring in rose gold. Rose gold is once again at the forefront of the most IN trends in wedding jewelry. And it is being one of the most popular options both in engagement rings with contemporary designs and in the vintage section (where rose gold is a protagonist). How many types of gold are there? There are three options you have in this metal: yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. And the rose gold engagement rings are romantic and very feminine. 6. Engagement ring with three stones. If a solitaire ring is too small for you to ask the love of your life to marry, then your choice has to be one of the spectacular engagement rings with three precious stones. Yes, a design that will ring a bell for you, as the Meghan Markle engagement ring is precisely this type of jewel that is quickly becoming a bridal icon. Here you can also combine the stones, for example, a central diamond and two side sapphires or with three diamonds of different sizes. you can also get a gia certified black diamond and gift it directly to your loved once. 7. Engagement ring with other shapes of diamonds. Yes, there are different types of diamond cuts. The most popular – and that we all recognize – are brilliant-cut diamonds (the most traditional) and princess cut diamonds (with a more modern style), but there are also diamond cuts with heavier and unique aspects that are just as wonderful and increasingly attract the attention and desire of future brides. We are referring to oval cut diamonds, pear cut diamonds, and cushion-cut diamonds. Although perhaps the most unusual and to evoke is the heart cut diamond engagement ring.