Beating drums, colors soaring higher than birds, people sharing sweets, that’s the general scenario if you land between February and March in India. As that’s the time when the whole India warmly welcomes spring and celebrates Holi. The over brimming joy of togetherness makes everyone flush with happiness. Part of which is due to the relief from the humdrum and monotony of everyday existence. On the day of the festival, the air of almost every town is dipped in various colors like gulaal. Youngsters apply it on each other and on the feet of the elders of the family. pichkaris (water guns) of various shapes and sizes crowd the markets. The sight of everybody pouring color on each other and wholeheartedly participating in the mirth makes a perfect picture of happiness. The delights of sweets like Gujiya, mathri and laddoos are associated with the festivities. Bhang or Cannabis in drink form is also consumed by the people. In fact, on the banks of the River Ganges, people sit drenched in colors and prepare the drink and this has a very intoxicating effect. Holi Gifts Ideas Holi is a celebration of good over evil. The things constant in the celebrations are colors, delicacies, and Holi gifts. There is a reason why gifting one another on special occasions is considered auspicious. Giving gifts is believed to bring people closer. If two people are not on talking terms, gifting during festivals can serve as an ice breaker. So this Holi, who are you planning to mend your relationship with? Or strengthening your bond with? Here is the happy Holi gift you should pick and that will be appreciated by your loved one. Organic Holi Colours Of course, everyone who enjoys playing on Holi will have a stock of colors ready for the festival. But they might not necessarily be chemical-free and branded. So gifting your loved one a combo of good quality, organic colours is definitely a good gifting option. Holi Pichkaris and Water Guns If you are gifting a child this Holi, then a cartoon themed pichkari or a water gun is a great option. You can also pick Holi pichkari online with chocolates, mithai, mathri, etc. Mouth-Watering Delicacies Holi or any other festival has a specific delicacy that is made and savored on the occasion. Delight you’re far away from living loved one with a Holi gift hamper of gujias, thandai, namkeen, shakarpara, etc. You can try making them yourself or order them online from IGP with same-day delivery. Holi Bhai Dooj Hamper Do you and your sibling celebrate Bhai Dooj during Holi? Then you will need tikka thali and puja essentials. You can order the Holi Bhai Dooj thali for your sister or brother online. You can also choose gifts along with the thali like fashionable watches, chocolates, mithai, grooming hamper, etc. A Secret Holi Gift Sometimes it’s good to not be predictable. This Holi, give something that your loved one is not expecting. Pick a Holi special gift of assorted scented gulal with perfume, personalized tile, mint-flavored chocolates, Lord Krishna idol, gujia and colours with skincare range, Holi themed T-shirt and more.