Do you want to make your living more comfortable? Then, it’s time to know more about spray foam insulation which can be utilized as one of the best air-sealing products on the roof. Though there are a good number of options available online you have to choose the right product to get an excellent outcome. According to the building contractors, foam insulation has now replaced the use of fibreglass. Almost 70% of people spend a good amount on energy bills and using insulation at your home is one of the finest solutions that will stop you draining your money on utility bills. Basic features of spray foam insulation: Though this method has popped up becoming the best insulator, some people are unknown to its usage and advantages. isocyanate and polyol resin – these are the two main ingredients infused together to make the foam insulation product. Once you apply this product to the right areas, they start expanding and immediately seal the place to stop air leakage. If compared to fibreglass, this insulation process reduces the percentage of energy waste as well as it restricts noise to get through the walls. Most of the residents are now installing spray foam insulation in London. So, if you are the only one left out in your neighbourhood, then let’s have a look its advantages – Better R-value! This insulation product is made up of better R-value that ranges from 6 to 7.7. It is claimed that an insulation product if composed with higher R-value offers the best outcome. So, before you install insulation at your home, make sure it is not the fibreglass one as it is comprised of 3.5 R-value. Make the place cosy: Who doesn’t want to make the home more comfortable? Insulating your house keeps it warmer at cold wintry days and makes it cool even if there’s scorching heat outside your house. Moreover, this insulation product can be easily sprayed to the designated areas of your home. Why is it better than fibreglass? It takes a shorter time to install the insulation and as soon as you spray it to the surface, the product starts expanding and gets harder in a short timeframe. You don’t have to take any prior measurement before spraying the product. Some DIY kits are also available which can be purchased and they are easily implemented as well. Prevent mould growth: If your home is situated at a place where the humidity is high, then installing this insulation will help to prevent mould growth. Moreover, this process is durable and you don’t have to spend a lot while installing this process. Increase the value: An insulated home denotes the good maintenance! And therefore, it is claimed that if your home is insulated, then it will eventually increase its value. Some instructions that one should follow: If you have decided to buy a DIY kit and install it yourself, then here are some do’s and don’ts that are to be strictly followed – Use safety wears: Take your gloves, put on goggles as well as suitable clothes to cover yourself from the chemicals. Remember that if you keep your eyes or hands uncovered it may get critically affected by the chemicals. Gun applicator is safe: Using a gun applicator is the safest weapon that one should use while processing the method without any professional’s help. If you have applied the insulation to the first half of the surface and want to take a break, then you must set the applicator in the ‘off’ mode. Check the nozzle: If the mixture has stopped coming for 30 seconds or so, you must remove the mixing nozzle. Restart it and place a clean and new nozzle to your gun applicator. If you are still unable to operate the applicator, then contact the supplier immediately for further help.