Must have lipsticks in your Makeup Vanity

The right lipstick will work wonders for you. However, one is likely to get confused while selecting the perfect lipstick. There are many different shades, textures, and finishes that will eventually put you in a dilemma. Every woman wants another lipstick for every occasion and needs to identify the best one for her skin tone. Many women are using Earth Rhythm lipsticks, India’s first homegrown brand for safe skincare.

Following are the must-have lipsticks in your makeup vanity-

  • Matte lipstick

The matte formulations are long-staying, and they are incredibly comfortable to wear. They are best for the days when one does not have enough time to do touch-ups. They are highly pigmented, and they define your lips. They are perfect for all-day use, and they are smudge-free and water-proof. Earth Rhythm is one such brand famous for its matte lipsticks.

  • Crème lipsticks

These lipsticks have a rich buttery consistency and are highly nourishing on one’s lips. They are a combination of gloss and matte and contain a high amount of wax and oil, giving them a creamy and velvety touch. Crème lipsticks also give you a twinge of shine and are the perfect choice for a weekend getaway. This lipstick is an absolute must-have for all the ladies out there.

  • Lip gloss

A lip gloss is a cosmetic used to give lips a glossy lustre and add a subtle colour. There is a difference between lip gloss as well as a lipstick. Lipstick tends to have a bolder pigmentation, and it ultimately gives it more striking hues. On the other hand, lip gloss is less pigmented, and it sparkles over vibrant shades. Unlike lipstick, one coat is enough for a lip gloss. It has a lightweight formula and is very smooth on your lips.

  • Liquid lipstick

A liquid lipstick is the one which enhances your pouts, and it has very sleek packing and a doe foot applicator. It has a rich formula. It gives you a semi-matte feel. Many ladies use Earth Rhythm regarding liquid lipstick, as these liquid lipsticks are very smudge-free and long-lasting.

  • Lip liner

A lip liner is one of the essential parts of lip makeup. If you want a natural look, apply a lip liner in a colour that blends naturally with the shade of your lipstick. It helps in giving your lips a defined look. Thus, your lips look more attractive and applying only lipstick might give your lips a messy look. With the help of a lip liner, you can get fuller lips! Earth Rhythm gives you a plethora of lip-liners to choose from!

  • Lip tints

A lip tint has a gel base, and it has a mousse texture. The pigments cling to the lips long after the water has evaporated, and many women use this as it practically lasts for 8-12 hours. Earth Rhythm has the best range of lip tints in varying colours, and it has taken the cosmetic world by storm owing to its outstanding products at affordable prices.

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