Event Planning The fashion show events showcase the creativity of the designers. Organising an upcoming fashion show event calls for intense and careful planning as these events are always scrutinised and observed closely. Each and everyday the fashion statements are evolving and event planners or fashion designers have to upgrade themselves accordingly. The fashion shows are creative, forward thinking and aesthetically pleasing. They push the boundaries of the production of events and they fluctuate between over-the-top shows to minimalistic sets. Here are some guidelines to design a fashion show with vigour and beauty. Here are some guidelines that can help your to design a fashion show that is bound to rock and resonate with your audience. Just take a look. Location – Having a big and comfortable venue for your audience will be great for the fashion show. If the brand is growing still it will be better to select a central location as it will be more accessible to the guests. The show venue must be expected to accommodate 300-500 guests. The lighting of the show should also be rehearsed and planned accordingly. Added to that, you should also avoid the daylight usage as much as possible. There should be also sufficient space backstage for the models to get changed and for their makeup and hair. Solid Concept – The fashion shows no longer contain just a single stage with spotlight. The designers keep on pushing the boundaries of normalcy. You should do the same. Having an overall concept is going to bring together the event and make it more than just a demo of clothing. You should decide on a concept that triggers curiosity and will enable more seat filling. Timing – Timing is crucial for designing the concepts. After consultation with the designers you should decide on the suitable and appropriate date. Thereafter, you have to coordinate with the makeup artists and models as only a handful of them are available on short notice. So plan well in advance for best results. Engaging Atmosphere – Creating an ambience that is engaging is essential for the successful execution of the event. The setup should be impeccable so that the guests and attendees can get involved in the event. Firstly, the venue should go well with the event theme which is absolutely necessary. So you should use a variety of bright shades and colours in the program which is highly engaging to view. For example, if you are opting for a modern look and feel, go for an industrial building with exposed ceilings, urban loft. Make sure that the setting is energizing instead of the sultry and slow process. At the time of the show, ensure that the lighting is bright and the photographers can capture the event. Advanced Technology – Make sure that as the fashion event is ongoing, both sides of the runway is installed with the LCD screens in which the model dresses and catwalk are visible clearly. Although the audience will be sitting just next to the runway upon which the models are going to perform the catwalk, the viewers can get a clearer look with a bigger screen which will trigger a cleaner discussion. Models Who Stand Out – In a fashion show, the models can make or break the show. Choose people who have a strong personality and can keep the attention of the crowd. Looks do not matter that much. So pick models who are not stereotypical and have an edge. Choose women and men who have a variety in the looks like thin, thick, long hair, short hair, tattoos and so on. The crowd will appreciate viewing a range of body types and styles. The Food and Drink – The event does not have to end post the show. You can host an after-party for continuing with the experience. You should also offer themed catering line with your experience which will continue with the journey of the guests and make the event fully immersive. You can play with the food stations by offering cuisines from the various parts of the world. You can also create the Live dessert stations where edible pieces of art can be created by chefs. Your guests can also be awed by the dessert walls or liquid nitrogen. Enticing the Guests – Make the guests who attend your event, feel special. Show them as much hospitality as possible. To stand out you can distribute goodie bags with samples of makeup and hair products, serve finger foods and cocktails before and after show. You can also organise a meeting with clothing designers.