Indian weddings are memorable affairs. And before the wedding, it is a custom to have a henna party. During the party, the artists use henna cones that are made from a paste made from dried out henna leaves to make beautiful designs on the hands and legs of the bride, bride family, and the relatives. There is a pigment present in this paste which stains the skin quickly. So, the artists applying designs on hands and feet of bridal party have to be very attentive while doing the job. There is little or no room for any mistake as the beautiful stains cannot be cleaned off quickly. During the application process, the person who is getting designs on hands and feet has to remain still too. Henna is important for both Hindus and Muslim weddings. Apart from weddings, it is also used during other celebrations like Karva Chauth, Teej, Diwali, Ramzan or any other celebrations. Henna cones represent the bond of matrimony and are considered as a sign of good luck. It signifies love and affection between the bride and the groom and their families. The darkness of the Mehendi colour on a bride’s hand signifies the love and affection between the would-to-be couple. The colour also shows the love between a bride and her mother-in-law. It is also a symbolic representation of fertility. During the henna party, the artists devote more time to adorn the bride with beautiful designs. Mehendi designs are more elaborate and depending on what bride prefers, the artists apply henna using henna cones on the front and back of her palms, forearms and till the elbows, and on the feet till below the knees. The women relatives of the bride also apply Mehendidesigns on their palms but the designs are not as elaborate and intricate as the ones on the bride’s hands and feet. Over the years, times have changed and lots of new additions have been made in Indian weddings and also the significance o the Mehendi occasion has grown in stature. While only traditional designs were applied in the past, today brides are experimenting with Arabic and Indo-Arabic designs. Also, the artists try different designs good quality henna cones to make beautiful designs. The artists order henna cones from reputed suppliers to ensure they get good products. Apart from Mehendi powder or cones, you can also buy natural hair colour and other herbal products.