Many times you get free samples when you purchase something or discount cosmetics products online or even in the shop. You get same types of deals when you get into a store, but as compared to stores you will get more such schemes on websites for online purchases. It gives more options for same product in different categories like discounts, free sample or freebies. This is promotional activity for other products also. By tying up with companies one can do co-marketing of their products as distributing samples with another core product. This is done to generate awareness and interest for their product in the consumer’s mind. If you like the product you will inquire about it and will go for adding it in your kitty. In this way company will get a consumer base with minimum expenditure. This sampling practice not only maximizes the brand awareness but also helps the company to increase the reach of the product in targeted market. A sample hand cream made from organic Shea butter, olive leaf extract & a blend of essential oils could be a new product they have just formulated and in order to get people to buy it, they have to send out samples of it to each customer so this will create brand awareness and make people to buy this product next time. This will not only cut down the advertising expenses but will also save the time. Cheaper products don’t necessarily mean that the quality is low; it could just mean that they are on special or they are discount cosmetics products that are slow moving so company wants to clear the stock so that new orders can be placed and the organization has less burden of inventory. In most cases the items are still good as new and the people usually go home satisfied when they finally get around to trying it out. When those sales happen, you need to be ready to buy on the spot because then there are few chances that you get your desired stuff o such discounted prices. You should always opt for the branded stuff because this can give you the quality assurance and once the product is delivered to your doorstep you can compare the quality. The old range of cosmetics from a particular brand is also a great way to get discounts on the stuff because the stocks needs to be clear on time and needs to be thrown away because it can’t be used anymore. Always look for new ranges so that you can find something from the old one at the same place and you will most likely get it at a cheaper price. New sites often offer really good prices because their first priority is to establish the desired customer base. Here new sites will also actively get involved in distributing free samples so that clients will make their purchase a bit quicker. Always check the money back policy and easy return policy so that you have the tension free purchase and if the product doesn’t match your expectation you can easily return it without any loss.