Ayurveda is a natural treatment method used in India since ancient times or we can say that India is the birthplace of Ayurveda based on the principle of understanding the root cause of a disease or ailment and fixing it to attain permanent results. Our lifestyle has become modern and due to this, diseases catch us very easily. There is pollution everywhere in our surrounding and causes problems to skin & hair. Everyone wants to be beautiful and handsome. Beauty is human’s psychology. The market is full with wide range of beauty products, ointments, lotions, soaps, face packs etc. However, since chemical products are used in these beauty products, problems to skin and hair may arise. Sometimes it may be temporarily and sometimes it may be permanent. Ayurvedic cosmetic-products may be good option to avoid reactions, side effects and skin diseases. The most important reasons for the increasing use of Ayurveda in beauty and skin care is that this system can clearly bring out a clear, glowing skin together with happiness and relaxation which otherwise cannot be achieved by cosmetics. Healthy glowing skin is the part of human life. The Ayurvedic treatment or product should be according to skin type. The skin is of three types: – Oily, Dry and general. Oily products are not used on oily skin. Ayurvedic cosmetic-products are made up of natural plant herbs. These are made from different parts of a plant like stems, roots, leaves, twigs, flower, fruit etc. The major herbs that are used to make herbal cosmetics products are neem, tulsi, sandal wood, turmeric, henna, Ashwagandha, mulethi, methi, bramhi, etc. These products are very effective without any side effect. These Ayurvedic products are not only gaining popularity in India but throughout entire world. The treatment may be slower process, but once cured it is almost permanently gone. Once you start applying Ayurvedic product, it continues to give a glowing face and confident look wherever you go. There is nothing to do more. Only you have to do some exercise and you will get best result. Most of the people are use Ayurvedic products instead of other cosmetic products to see its advantages.