Have you ever wondered, what is that one thing that is common across some of the loveliest beaches and bays around the world? Sure, the natural splendour, elegance, and beauty are definitely right up there at the top of the list while the equally amazing beach beauties make it to a close second spot (sorry ladies!) but if there is anything else that strings all of these together, it is some of the amazing jute beach bags that you get to feast your eyes on. So, whether you are out holidaying on the shores of Florida, Marseille, or our humbler Goa closer home, be sure to keep your eyes out for these crafty creations. Why Jute Bags for the Beach For starters, the world seems to have undergone a new awakening of sorts. People, one would imagine, have come to the realization that plastic goods and all the harmful effects they produce are doing irreversible damage to the planet. Single-use plastics are easily the worst of the lot, having caused widespread environmental pollution and wreaked severe havoc on marine life. It is no longer an uncommon sight for Blue Whale carcasses to be swept ashore, killed by the plastic bags they accidentally ingested. If this is the condition of the largest animals on earth, one could well imagine how the smaller animals fare! Plastic bags making their way to landfills are just as dangerous as it could potentially be centuries before the toxic effects of plastic decomposition can be eradicated – in the meantime, much of the crops and the land itself gets contaminated and poisoned. You can do all you like but saving the produce will be as good as impossible! Plastic Waste and All the Harm it Causes Plastic waste is one of the biggest problems facing humankind today. Stubborn in nature, plastic does not disintegrate as easily as some of its compatriots irrespective of all the effort that goes into aiding in the process. Researchers have found that plastic waste can take anywhere around a hundred years or more before being fully disintegrated. Compared to that, jute is a natural fibre that gets completely broken down in a matter of a couple of years or so without the need for any external intervention. Sundry factors such as precipitation and sunray aid in the decomposition and disintegration process all the way through. Wholesale jute beach bags , therefore, do not pose an unwanted environmental hazard; sadly, the same cannot be said of plastic bags. Needless to say, the modern, environmentally conscious woman has given a big thumbs up to the use of jute bags in their effort to protect the atmosphere. Advantages of jute beach bags ● Convenience: Bags made from jute are typically roomy enough for carrying all that you need for a day at the beach – a bikini, change of clothes, UV-resistant sunglasses, suntan lotion, towels, a bottle of soft, drink, and your favourite paperback. These bags also don’t get affected by seawater that is otherwise harmful to other bags. ● Attractiveness: Jute bags exude a great deal of trendiness and can be used for making a real fashion statement when accompanying you to a beach party. ● Durability: These bags are also high on the durability quotient, capable of lasting many a weary occasion if looked after with care. ● Affordability: Jute bags are moderately priced but useful enough to spare you a severe pocket pinch. Conclusion Switching to the use of wholesale jute beach bags will not only help protect the environment but also prove to be a cheaper alternative for you. Cheap always does not mean bad and the various styles and colours it offers will continue aiding in your endeavour to make the style statement you were aiming for.