Human Hair Wigs, sometimes referred to as Virgin Hair Wigs are a good choice if you are looking for a unit which is long lasting and low maintenance. If it is good quality, maintenance should be at an all time low and there should be no tangling and no matting. The hair should be soft enough so that you can easily pull your fingers through the hair without it snagging or tugging. There are many Human Hair Wigs which you can buy, but if you want true quality, it must not be mixed with animal hair or synthetic hair; it should only be genuine 100% Human Hair. Quality Human Hair Wigs will also be chemical free and all natural. They are made from unprocessed virgin hair, which should be soft and flowing. They come in several different textures, colors, cap styles, and densities. Textures include straight, kinky straight, kinky curly, body wave, deep wave and other textures. Cap styles include Human Hair Lace Front Wigs, No Lace, Full Lace and 360 Lace Wigs. The cap style which should be chosen depends on the hairstyle versatility which is required. Lace fronts allow for styling versatility at the front area of the wig, while the 360 lace allows for versatility around the entire perimeter of the wig. The most verstatile type is the full lace. This wig can be part anywhere and the entire hairline looks natural as well. Some human hair wigs come with baby hair and others come without. Baby hair along the hairline allows for a natural looking finish and also gives the hairline a cute look. Wigs made from Human Hair can come in any color, from the darkest Jet Black to the lightest Platinum Blonde. A wig with a single color is referred to as a solid colored wig and those with more than one color can be referred differently depending on color placement. For those which have colors appearing side by side in solid blocks are referred to as piano color wigs. Wigs with one color from the root and another color toward the ends is referred to as two tone. One color at the root, with a second color mid-shaft and a third color to the ends is referred to as three-tone. A four-tone wig has one color at the root and three colors placed horizontally below the root color toward the ends. Wigs with more than one horizontal color are referred to as Ombre Wigs and those which are pre-colored are known as Custom Colored Wigs or Colored Human Hair Wigs. All textures can come in all color formations. It just depends on preference which unit should be purchased. Wigs with a tight texture such as Jerry Curl or Kinky Curly should only be finger combed to avoid damaging the texture. For wavy wigs such as body wave or loose wave, they can be combed with a wide tooth comb or brushed as needed. Just like straight human hair wigs, loose wave, body wave and other wavy textures can be easily heat styled and restyled. If the hair resists heat styling and does not easily conform to the styling pattern, it may not be 100% human hair. The best thing about Human Hair Wigs is that once you take care of them well, they have long life and can last years. They are convenient and are a lifesaver when having a bad hair day. They are a great way to save money as avoiding trips to the hairstylist is a plus. You can create a hairstyle in as little as 1 minute with one of these units, so investing in a good Human Hair Wig is always worth it.