makeupsummer makeupMake up tips for hot summer days Panda eyes, blotchy make-up, and far too much shine on the whole face – summer with its hot temperatures often make it difficult for us to apply make-up. With these six tips, you don’t have to worry about your make-up even at 30 degrees. Tip 1: Moisturizing care for the skin Pamper your skin in summer with light, moisturizing creams, gels or fluids. Steer clear of rich creams – the skin only needs them in winter. Those who tend to oily skin are best advised with matting products. Tip 2: A hint of nothing – light foundation Another no-go in summer is oily foundations. Better a light BB cream with a sun protection factor or grab a matting powder right away. Matting Oil Control Papers are ideal for on the go. With it, you can make shiny skin areas disappear in no time. Tip 3: Waterproof instead of a mask effect When it comes to eye make-up, the magic word is “waterproof”. Not only mascara but also many eyeshadows and Eyeliner are available in a waterproof version. And of course, the motto is: less is more! A little mascara, a fine eyeliner, and a delicate eyeshadow – that’s all you need in summer. Then fix the make-up with a fixing spray or loose powder. Tip 4: Emphasize lips and nails By the way, statement lips are all the rage this summer and the ideal companion in hot temperatures. Even a striking nail polish stays in the shade even at 30 degrees. If lipstick and nail polish are kept in the same shade, the look looks extremely trendy. Tip 5: the perfect glow Underline summer tan Bronzing powder brings sun-tanned skin to its best advantage. If you want to help out a little more with the summer tan, cheat with a self-tanner. Very important: Exfoliate the face before use, otherwise there are stains. Tip 6: Fresh kick for in between Aqua Sprays provide a cool freshness kick in between. In addition to the beneficial cooling, the make-up is also fixed – perfect or? Refreshing body sprays are also very popular in summer. Tip: keep sprays in the fridge. Take Off Make-up Correctly According to a study, around 16 percent of women admit that they do not take off their make-up properly in the evening and simply leave the make-up on at night. This is an absolute no-go for the skin! Because on the one hand the make-up dries out the skin at night and on the other hand it offers an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. The bad awakening then comes the next morning in the form of pimples and blemished skin. Those who do not properly remove mascara from their lashes in the evening risk breaking the lashes. Similar to our body, our skin needs time to regenerate itself at night. Cell division is also in full swing and we do not want to prevent this important process by not removing our make-up properly. On the contrary, we should definitely support this process with the right care. How do I take off makeup properly? The right make-up removal should be done in three steps: cleaning, clarifying, and maintaining. In the first step, you should take care of your eye make-up. Mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow should be carefully removed before you take care of the rest of your face. Simply remove gently with a cotton pad. Do not rub, but rather dab gently. If you are wearing make-up, you should then remove the foundation with make-up removal towels or cotton pads. Then you can clean your face with a gentle cleansing foam or gel. In the next step, the face is cleared with a facial or micelle water. Treat your skin to a gentle peel at least once a week. Finally, you care for your skin with a regenerating night cream. By the way, you should also clean your face properly in the morning. The skin is an excretory organ and should be freed of dirt and sebum. You brush your teeth twice a day. Which products are suitable for my skin? Clean skin not only feels better, but it is also more receptive to subsequent care. The only question is: what to clean with? Milk, gel, oil, or foam? To decide that, you first need to know your own skin type, and many women misjudge themselves completely. Dehydrated skin, for example, is often thought to be low in fat, but impure skin can still be dry. If you don’t know something like this, you usually clean and care incorrectly, which will stress your complexion. No matter what skin type you are, the skin should never be tight after cleaning. This destroys the skin’s naturally nourishing fat film, which can lead to irritation. Tip: just check and have a skin diagnosis done. Makeup properly depending on the season The skin also changes due to lifestyle habits and of course the seasons. Gel and foam are generally more suitable for oily and combination skin types, cleansing milk, or oil for dry and sensitive skin. In winter, however, even oily skin needs more care when washing, which is not least due to the fact that our sebaceous glands stop producing from 8 degrees outside temperature and no longer produce fat – and then the winter glow has no chance. Have you ever been surprised that the complexion somehow looks dull? The reason for this is not only the low humidity in winter but also our age. Usually, the skin renews itself every 28 days. Unfortunately, this process progresses more slowly over the years. The result: the glow is lost, the complexion looks pale, in extreme cases even greyish. Why is that? On the dead skin cells on the surface of the skin – which should never ruin our view in the mirror, so: away with it! Ideally with a gentle peeling for sensitive skin, and the glow is back.