Acne is a very common skin condition. Apart from the active breakouts, they also leave behind scars. They are formed when a breakout has penetrated deeply into the skin and cause damage to the tissue under it. The treatment for your acne scars will depend on the type of your acne scar. Here are the 4 types of acne scars: 1. Depressed or atrophic scars – These are the most common scars that occur below the skin surrounding the acne. These are formed when, while the wound is healing, enough collagen is not produced. They can be of the following 3 types: Boxcar – These are U-shaped, wide scars with sharp edges. They can be deep as well as shallow. The more shallow they are, the better response they will have to the treatments. Ice pick – These are V-shaped, narrow scars that penetrate deep into the skin. They look similar to chickenpox scars, like an oval or small round hole. They are more difficult to treat as they have reached deeper into the skin’s surface. Rolling – These are the wide depressions with rounded edges that have a rolling, irregular appearance. 2. Raised or hypertrophic scars – These scars are usually found with back and chest acne. Caused by too much collagen production during healing, they are present over the surrounding skin’s surface. 3. Dark Spots – This is a discoloration caused after a zit. They are usually red, purple, or brown in color that fades on their own in a few months. Even if you have a mild case of acne, it can cause a lot of distress. If you feel the same and are not able to control it using over-the-counter medications, you might need to see a specialist immediately. At the Wellbeing Clinic, we offer the following Acne treatments, Dubai: 1. Spectra Lutronic Laser It can be used for reducing all forms of acne as well as the redness caused by inflamed acne. It also aids in the following: Controlling the production of sebum Shrinking large pores Reducing inflammation and recurrence This procedure is safe for inflamed acne and does not require the extraction of comedones or any medications. 2. Chemical peels This is a non-invasive option for Acne treatments, Dubai. It is known for removing the skin’s outer layer and improving its appearance. It also improves pigmentation and reduces acne scars. 3. DermapenMicroNeedling It is used for delivering acne-fighting creams into the skin’s deeper layers. For this, very fine needles are used that can penetrate 0.22mm into the skin’s upper layers. Immediately after the treatment, Vitamin A cream is used. After this, your skin will have improved texture, decreased breakouts of acne, and mild scarring. 4. Crystal Microdermabrasion This is a less aggressive approach for treating acne scars, sun damage, and discoloration. During the treatment, a diamond-tipped wand or microparticles are used for sloughing off the epidermis or top layer of the skin. This results in the stimulation of the new skin growth and thickens your collagen giving you a younger-looking complexion. 5. Deep cleansing facial With this facial, the specialists are able to reach deep inside the pores for removing dirt, makeup, and oil. Once this is done, you will be left with softer and smoother, and more refined skin texture. Also, you will have increased vitality, elasticity, and radiance. No matter which Acne treatment, Dubai you are going for, you have to give it some time to work. At the Wellbeing Clinic, Dubai we have specialists that can help you get advice on how to take proper care of your skin to avoid further breakouts. So, book an appointment online at the Wellbeing Clinic today to ensure that your skin is taken care of.