It is easy to get eyelash extensions but it is quite tough to take care of them. You need to shower some to your lashes to keep them at their best. If you really want to keep your eyelash extension look natural, you need to follow below mentioned five tips to keep them in their best look. Have a look at the five lash care simple tips to keep the accessory in the best shape! Keep your eyelashes clean: This is the basic tip to follow. Taking care of the eyelashes starts from this simple tip. You have to make sure that your eyelashes are clean. It might be possible that your body oil or products you are using could be pile up along the lash line. Thus, it becomes necessary to gently clean the lash line every day. Use lash cleanser: Use of foaming lash cleaner is a must. These cleansers keep the lashes clean and shrilling. They are also used as a complete facial cleanser. They are certified organic product having the same pH balance as tears. It is also a great product for people with sensitive eyes. Use of Makeup removers: If you are searching for the makeup remover which is safe for an extension, then we have two safe options for you. Special eye and makeup remover. This is a great option for people who have sensitive eyes. Eye makeup remover gel. This is a great option for removing waterproof makeup. You can find them anywhere. Both makeup removers have soy protein which helps in removing oil, dust and makeup. Also, helps in balancing the skin’s moisture content and keeps the lashes clean and healthy. Brush them gently: Grooming must be in your list while talking about the eyelash extension care. It could be in the morning time or at night. Brushing your lashes with lash wand regularly and gently. It is the best idea to keep them clean. This helps in removing the residue and keeping the lashes in place and fluff all the time. Selecting the right product: Product is an important part where beauty and skincare is concerned. Products which are right for your skin and safe to use must be in your bucket list. You must read the expiry dates of your products. Do not use old or expiry products. It can damage the lashes. Do not use waterproof mascara, oily products, and alcohol-based cosmetics. These products weaken the bond of the glue which can cause the detaching of these lashes. Taking the aftercare precautions helps in keeping the lashes in place and gives the best results. It is important to understand the importance of eyelash extension care. If you are not sure about the products you are using, itis better to concern esthetician or research about the products. Strengthen the growth of the lash hair: Various vitamins and growth serums helps in the growth of lash hair. It keeps the lash hair healthy and strong. Also, add a certain kind of food to make a healthy diet. Food like salmon, nuts, avocados etc is the natural vitamins and minerals. Eggs also help in keeping the lash strong and growing. This food acts like a lash fuel for you. Be gentle with the lashes: If you want to make the lashes last longer, you have to be very gentle with them. Any kind of strong friction like rubbing, tugging, plucking etc can damage the lashes. There is a very gentle rule of lashes i.e. mess less with the lashes to make them last longer. If you have invested in the lash extension or going to make an investment in the lashes, be very gentle with them. Shower some love to the lashes. This is how you can take care of the eyelash extensions.