Women are obsessed with fake lashes, they enhance our eyes after all. But eyelash extension works like magic and has transformative powers. One of the trendiest thing in the market is the eyelash extension. It enables your eyes to look appealing and eye-catching. This is the reason why people are opting for permanent solutions like eyelash extension. It gives 24*7selfie – ready look. It also requires some tender love and care. You must know certain things about eyelash extension before considering them. In this blog post, we have included all the important things which must know. Semi-permanent eyelashes are way more different from fake lashes: These semi-permanent lashes are applied by an experienced aesthetician. He uses an adhesive to apply the lashes on the eyes. A person who has an experience of more than 12 years is considered as an expert in this field. The duration of these lashes lasts from six to eight months. It gives a natural look to the eyes. The lashes start falling out naturally after a certain period. The longer extension increases the life span of lashes: Long extension lashes enhance the eyes and it made the eyes look sexy and bold. Long lashes stand out of the crowd. Although, if like long extension looks, it requires more amount of lashes. You must know about it. Post application: There are some precautions which you need to know. You have to follow them after the post-application process. For instance, you are not allowed to sweat or swim or even cry. Make sure you do not wet the eyes. You have to keep your eyes dry for at least eleven to twelve hours post-application. This is done to make sure glue does not dissolve or invade your eyes and evaporates. Make sure it does not come in contact with the eyes. It may cause eye irritation, burning sensation etc. Eyelash extension is costly: If you are having a dream of long extension, you can decide the extensions which are available online. You can use this extension more than two times at least. You can choose them according to your budget and preference. Although, eyelash extensions are costly and may not be budget-friendly. There are various do’s and dont’s which you must follow after getting the eyelashes done. The whole process takes two hours to complete. Right kind of Eye makeup: Wearing an eyelash extension needs the right kind of makeup. You have to select it according to your occasion and clothes. If you are not interested in makeup then you can wear eyeliner which makes your eyes pop out quickly. False lashes can never satisfy you. You will never feel content like how you feel with eyelash extensions. Difficulties with eyelash extensions: On occasions, you want a dramatic look for the eyes. You want to achieve it through eyeliner. But it is not easy to achieve this look by simply applying eyeliner on the eyes. The difficulty occurs because of the extra lashes present on the eyes. Apart from this, it is also difficult to remove eye make up on the lashes. Also, it is a tiring process. It can create a mess on the eyes: You must know about this mess because this is something serious. You should be careful with it. It may cause redness and itching on the eyes. Some people may experience yellow discharge from the corner. It happens due to the adhesive used to apply for an extension. You should consult your doctor. You should give some break to your eyes after two or three months. It is not easy to wear lashes for a longer time. You can enjoy your natural lashes for some time. What will you prefer a natural lash, fake lashes or lash extension? Do share your views in the comments.