Eyelash extension is boon for those who constantly struggling to have thicker, natural and bold eyelashes. If you are one of those spending time to apply mascara or using an eyelash curler. The length of the eyelash extension varies from 6mm to 17mm. It has three common types, namely, synthetic, silk and mink. A special adhesive is used to apply for these extensions. Have a look at the below-mentioned tips which helps in keeping the eyelash extensions last longer! It is easy to make eyelash extension last longer by just following the below-mentioned tips. Do not wet the eyes for the first 24 hours: A special adhesive is required to attach the extension. It takes some time to set. Thus, you have to keep the eyes and face dry for at least the first 24 hours. Water can crumble the adhesive, as a result, the extension will fall out. In case, you need a shower, make sure you keep your face away from steam or water. Sleeping on your back: If you are a person who loves to sleep on the stomach with the face crushed into the pillow, it can damage your extensions. They may fall out. It is better to sleep on your back. Make sure you avoid sleeping on your side or stomach. Do not apply waterproof mascara: It is best if you avoid any kind of mascara. But if you want, make sure it is not a waterproof mascara. Waterproof mascaras clump the lashes and thus, it becomes hard to remove them. Thus pulling it hard can harm or reduces the duration of the eyelashes. Use sealant in place of mascara: Sealant is a better option to add depth and gloss to the eyelashes. It also helps in maintaining the bonding holding the eyelashes in place. It has hyaluronic serum which keeps the eyelashes conditioned. Avoid mascara and use sealant for greater effects. Avoid using oil-based products: If you are using moisturisers or night creams to improve the complexion or keeping the skin hydrated for a longer time, make sure you do not apply the cream around the eyes. Oil can weaken the strength of the glue and thus it can cause the fall out of the eyelashes. Be careful while removing makeup: While removing eyeliner or eyeshadow, make sure you do not wipe the eyelids too hard. Do not use dry cotton puffs or pads. It will weaken the eyelash sealant. Also, cotton fibre will stick to the eyelashes and damage them severely. Use the oil-free product: Using a mild, low alkaline, oil-free products will help in keeping the lashes lasts longer. Oil and eyelashes have an inverse relationship. You can use oil-free make up remover. You only need to dap the remover around the eyes and remove the makeup with a damp cotton swab or wipe. Choose the right curl: It is important to choose the curl which matches your natural curl. Otherwise, it will look unnatural and does not last long. For instance, suppose you have straight eyelashes and you have opted for a curly extension. They will fall out shortly. It is best to take advice from the esthetician. He will give suitable advice. Regular combing: Using a clean mascara will keep the shape of the eyelashes on point. It avoids the clumping of the eyelashes. Gently roll the mascara over the lashes and repeat this process once in the morning and night. It will give a defined and perfect curl to the eyelashes. H. Avoid touching your eyelashes: When the natural eyelashes grew, it pushes the extensions out. Thus, constantly touching, playing or jerking the eyelashes can pull out the natural lashes. It makes the eyelashes look unnatural and crooked.