If you do not have naturally perfect eyebrows, Microblading is a gift for you. A routine visit to the salon to wax your brows costs so much money. Also, the pain and discomfort it causes every time. You must not forget that. You might have regretted the overplucking of eyebrows at a certain point of your life. The common one is the teenage years. Some of you might try to fill your brows using expensive filling products. If you are tired of using these products, consider yourself as a good candidate for microblading. Here are the 6 things you need to know about Microblading. Saves Time: Do you wake up after snoozing your alarm two or three times just to realise that you are running late for office? Also, you can’t leave for office without having your makeup on. If you are one of those women who spend 15 minutes daily in filing the eyebrows, applying eyeliner, mascara and other makeup related products. Use of products depends on your beauty needs. There are some steps which you can not afford to skip. If you have a vert thin eyebrows, it will take so much time to fill them every morning. The good news is microblading technique enables you to skip this part of your makeup routine. You will have extra time to sleep because you do not have to fill your brows now. Saves money: You need to do some maths here. For instance: How much money you spend to purchase eyebrow filing product, brushes, fixers etc? Add the whole money. We have already told you that microblading is an investment. Want to know why? It is because it lasts up to three years. The technique might be costly but it lasts longer. Consider it as a permanent makeup if you want permanent makeup. You will get back all the money once you stop purchasing eyebrow filling product. Consider it as an extra return on investment. It will save a lot of money. Enjoy eyebrow blueprint: If you have bushy brows, you can still go for microblading . You will have a perfect customised blueprint to catch. Gone are the days when you come out of the salon with a different person every time you visit the salon because the different technician had waxed your brows. Now, they have to follow the natural blueprint of the brows area. This will look fabulous and beautiful. Enjoy your natural eyebrows: Wome having bushy brows are the one who gets most out of microblading. Also, women suffered from hair loss due to chemotherapy or alopecia. Micro-blading looks very natural. It gives thin and sparse brows. You will get a natural and strong frame to your face for the first time. You already know how eyebrows are important for the harmony of the face. You will now have trendy eyebrows. Having a good pair of eyebrows will make you different from the crowd and provides you with a beautiful facial feature. It will be the first thing you will see when anyone first looks at you. It lasts longer: They say – NOTHING IS FOREVER. This phrase is very true in the case of microblading. We have already told you that microblading is not permanent. Its duration varies from person to person. But, in most cases, it lasts up to three years which is a great and long period. The advantage of that impermanence is that you can avoid this technique if you want your original brows because you do not like your microblade ones. And, we bet this will not gonna happen. Minimum maintenance required: This is the best thing you notice about microblading. Once you get micro bladed brows and the healing process is done, you can continue your previous lifestyle. You can forget about it. It does not smudge or smears off. You can enjoy swimming, work out, wipe your brows etc. You do not have to worry about anything.