Dieting is indeed a great thing if it is done in the correct manner and that is why one should make sure that he or she is eating right and they are not having such things which can affect their health as well as youth and they can be one of the things which can make you look younger and you will also feel good from within. These kinds of foods can help your system to get rid of the free radicals and you can get more improved immune system and indeed a better and younger looking skin. These are some of the super foods that can be your best friend in a healthy way: Tomatoes Tomatoes are such vegetable or fruit that can be said as a super food and it is very good for your skin and the vegetable is full of antioxidants and according to the health consultants Dallas it is named as lycopene which can keep your protected from the harsh affects of the UV rays of sunlight and increase your body resistance and also protects your skin. It is also a very good element to fight cancer and cholesterol. Blueberries This super food is loaded with antioxidants and can delay your ageing process and blue berries and they can actually help you some of the major diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia which is a second name to mental weakening problem. Brocolli This can be used as a regular vegetable but the veggies is a real wonder and the health consultants Dallas and the veggies is also having a strong potential to fight with cell damage and cancerous cells and that is why you will be getting a longer life if you regularly have broccoli. The veggies is also having high amount of folate which is commonly known as Vitamin B and also have Vitamin K and calcium which increases bones density and can help in boosting mental sharpness and bone power so the students and the older people should have in regularly. Olive Oil This is known as the beauty enhancer as if you cook in olive oil you will be getting the best of the food and beautiful skin and you will be looking and feeling younger. There is generous amount of Vitamin A & E is found in the olives so one can rely on the oil for cooking as it can control your cholesterol so you can be sure that you will be away from heart diseases. It contains mono-saturated fats so it also controls your sugar levels and keeps you free from diabetes.