Is it possible to get rid of fat just around the waist or just around the upper thighs? Yes, it is possible! With only a few procedures at a beauty clinic, we can achieve a perfect figure with a modern device without pain. And, if until yesterday, we were dissatisfied looking at the mirror, despite the diets and regular sports exercises, there is already a solution … The smallest deviation in centimeters, which makes us feel uncomfortable, could be removed by laser fat reduction procedures in anti aging clinic. The procedures are cosmetic and painless, and the results are extremely durable. It is enough to choose anti aging clinic that has a laser for fat reduction and specialists to help us. We will get professional advice on where and how best to reduce the excess fat so that we have a perfect figure and self-esteem. It is often advisable to change your diet beforehand in order to get a quick and optimal result. That’s why they help with the valuable advice that comes up at the first anti aging clinic consultation. How does the laser fat reduction works and how it does it exactly where we want it to do it? The technology is revolutionary and is based on the optimal heating of fat cells with specific laser radium. Liquidation of the cell is achieved, attacking its membrane and bringing it into the lymph flow. Hence, excess fat is actively involved in meeting the energy needs of the body. All this is done with a special apparatus that has specific tips. These tips allow you to attack fat in precisely defined areas that are unwanted and disturb the perfect curvature of the body. Thus, with the help of laser fat reduction procedures, the perfection of each figure could be achieved to a great extent according to its specificity. However, the question arises: Can anyone be subjected to laser fat reduction and are there any restrictions? The procedure and apparatus are completely harmless and widely applicable to all healthy people who are adults. It should not be used on pregnant women and children. It is good for people with chronic illnesses to consult with their doctor before they go to an anti aging clinic for fat reduction procedures. The procedure should not be performed during the women’s monthly cycle. How many procedures are needed to achieve a good and lasting result? The answer to this question can not be quite specific. It depends on many factors that are case-specific. Typically, for 6-8 procedures, a very good effect is achieved, but there are cases where even 2 procedures are sufficient. You can get information about what your expectations can be when you first consult with anti aging clinic specialists. They will make the necessary measurements and studies that are necessary to make a pre-requisite scheme of procedures. Regardless of the exact number of procedures that will be needed, the effect is always excellent and, most importantly, lasting. The goal is to make the most perfect curves of the figure and it is completely painless.